The perfect diamond, perfectly suited.

Diamonds come in 10 basic shapes, each representative of an individual’s
style and sensibility.


Round | Classic
The round brilliant-cut is the most popular diamond cut used for engagement rings. With 58 flat polished services called facets, the round brilliant diamond emits breathtaking sparkle.
Princess | Trendy
The square-cut diamond is the second most popular shape for an engagement ring. 49 to 144 facets achieve a highly intense brilliance and render most flaws imperceptible.
Emerald | Glamour
The rectangular-cut diamond has long, lean facets, and corners that resemble stair steps. This cut highlights clarity better than any other shape.
Asscher | Vintage
The square-cut diamond has similar attributes to the emerald cut such as deeply trimmed corners and a thick profile.
Cushion | Romantic
Also known as pillow cut, the cushion-cut diamond is rectangular with rounded corners. Larger facets increase the brilliance of this shape.
Marquise | Regal
The marquise-cut diamond has rounded sides and points at each end. The elongated shape gives an illusion of a larger diamond.
Oval | Creative
Similar to a round-cut diamond, the oval diamond has remarkable brilliance.
Pear | Unique
Resembling a teardrop, the pear-cut diamond, is used mostly for pendants and earrings. This unique shape is excellent for engagement rings, and is easily cut to be "fatter" or more elongated.
Radiant | Innovative
The radiant-cut diamond combines the glamour of the emerald shape with the brilliance of a round-cut diamond. 70 facets maximize the effect of colour refraction and radiance.
Heart | Romantic
The heart-cut diamond is a less formal choice for an engagement ring. Much like the pear-cut, heart-shaped diamonds can be cut "fatter" or more elongated by preference




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